Ethernet Cable

RJ/E Diamond prepared Cat 7 Ethernet cables use solid 100% Perfect-Surface Silver conductors, which completely eliminate strand interaction, one of the biggest sources of distortion in cables, for clearer, more dynamic and involving sound. Superior conductor metals minimize distortion by having fewer grain boundaries and less impurities (such as oxides) at those boundaries. Solid High-Density Polyethylene (PE) insulation helps maintain critical signal-pair geometry. Of course all AudioQuest Ethernet cables honor the directionality inherent in all analog and digital audio cables; arrows on the jackets indicate the direction (from source to destination) for the best audio performance.

Available Lengths: 0.75m-12m

From £679


Key Features

  • Geometry stabilising solid high-density polyethylene insulation

  • Solid perfect-surface silver (PSS) conductors

  • High-speed data capacity

  • Precision-made low-loss ultra-wide bandwidth connectors with 100% shield coverage and strain relief

  • All conductors controlled for RF noise directionality

  • Carbon-based 3-layer noise-dissipation system (NDS)

  • Dielectric-bias system with radio frequency trap