Analogue Interconnect

Meaning “Big River” in Athabaskan, the Yukon River starts with the Llewellyn Glacier as its source in British Columbia, and empties into Alaska’s Bering Sea. It may have been the first immigration route for North America’s first indigenous humans, and was certainly the principle means of travel during the 1896-1903 Klondike Gold Rush. Paddle-wheel riverboats continued as the dominant form of transportation along the river until the 1950s when the Klondike Highway was completed. King Salmon from the Yukon River remain an elusive, but prized delicacy.

Available Lengths: 0.5m - 10m

From £279


Key Features

  • Solid perfect-surface copper+ (PSC+) conductors

  • Polyethylene air-tube insulation

  • Tripe-balanced geometry (separate ground-reference conductor)

  • Carbon-based 3-layer noise dissipation system (NDS)

  • Cold-welded, hanging-silver directly over pure purple copper terminations