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Whether you stream Internet radio, download hi-res tracks, or have a CD library you have carefully cultivated, Bluesound can give you instant access to millions of songs from a multitude of sources. It’s like having all of the music ever recorded at your fingertips, through your smart device.

Brand Highlights


Pulse Flex 2i
(All-in-One Wireless Portable Streaming Music Player



Powernode 2i
(Amplified Wireless Streaming Music Player)



Pulse Soundbar 2i (Wireless Hifi Soundbar Black)



Pulse Sub (Wireless Subwoofer)


Other Products from Bluesound

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(All-in-One Streaming Music Player)



Pulse Mini 2i
(All-in-One Wireless Streaming Music Player



Node 2i
(Wireless Streaming Music Player)



Vault 2i
(Streaming Music Player and CD-Ripper)