Sagatun MONO 1.4
Pre Amplifier

Sagatun Mono is a no compromise version of our stereo pre amplifier Sagatun. It has only one channel, so for a stereo system you need two units.


Minimalism reigns supreme here. The mono preamps bristle with just three buttons and a single light above the name.
— Hi-Fi +

Key Features

  • The signal grounds are completely separated. In any stereo amplifier, the left and right signals travel in separate circuits. The more isolated they are from one another, the better it is. The signal grounds, however, either share the same ground planes or join at certain points. By placing each channel in a separate enclosure, there is complete separation of both signal and signal ground.

  • The chassis grounds are separated. This is a small advantage. When several channels share the same enclosure, there is always a degree of connection between the signals, through components decoupling to the chassis. Separate enclosures prevent this. But it’s important that both power cords are of the same type and connected to the same power strip, to keep the potentials of both chassis’ identical.

  • The power supplies can run more silently. This is a surprisingly big advantage. As the circuits of Sagatun Mono require approximately half the power of those in the stereo version, the power supplies can be set to an even more quiet running mode. Just like in the stereo version, there are still two power supplies in each unit.

  • Individual fine tuning is possible. When the two power supplies feed only one channel, further fine tuning of each unit can be made. This elevates performance slightly.